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Skegness Academy

The Library

 Mrs K Cussons - Learning Resource Assistant

Our library is a welcoming space that is open to all pupils. There is a huge variety of genres of books, with over 7000 books now stocked on our shelves. Not only is the library available for reading, but pupils can come and use the facilities for homework or research. The library is equipped with 30 iPads and a number of laptops, which can be used by pupils, as well as having a wide selection of magazines and newspapers available.

The library offers a different learning environment to our usual classrooms, and although we do have the usual desks and chairs within the room, we offer soft seating such as beanbags, seating cubes and a settee, making this a space where pupils can feel relaxed and comfortable whilst reading.

Pupils in year 7 and 8 attend our library for one lesson a week, where they take part in a reading program called Accelerated Reader. The aim of this is to encourage a love of reading and encourage pupils to expand the usual genre of books that they normally read. Once pupils have completed a book, they then take a quiz on this and can earn points and rewards throughout the year.

Pupils are also encouraged to take part in our Literacy Owl challenge, where they complete literacy-based tasks and earn points towards their bronze, silver and gold owl badges.

Books are updated regularly in our library and can make requests. For example, a number of our pupils requested Manga books, so we now have a selection of these within our library. Due to this, pupils have the opportunity to read the latest books from their favourite authors and any request is considered.

The library is open at both break and lunch time and is open after school until 4pm.

We like to think as our library as a safe space, where all are welcome.

If you wish to discuss the library or Accelerated Reader in more detail, then please do not hesitate to contact our Learning Resource Assistant, Mrs Cussons, who will be happy to help. You can contact her via the normal Academy telephone line or email