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Skegness Academy

Student Voice

Please click here for the Social Impact Measurement report for Year 9
Please click here fore the Social Impact Measurement report for Years 12 and 13

We consult with pupils in all years on a regular basis and greatly value their opinions; we work as a team with pupils and their parents to ensure we meet all their individual needs.  

We have meetings with representatives from each tutor group in year groups termly. Some of these representatives sit on the Student Council which has one representative from each year group.

The last student survey was conducted in January 2022.

Here are some of the comments made by our students:-

"I like the after school clubs because there is a lot to choose from. I like the P.E. lessons because they are long".

The teachers are very kind and the respect to religions and Pride Month are heartwarming

I like the fact that Skegness Academy recognise good behaviour in learning.

I enjoy the lessons at this school and our reward system to encourage students to be better.

"I like it at dinner time because we are with some of the Year 7 and it's calm".

"I like the Skegness Academy because I feel safe walking around and I feel that I can talk to the staff".

"I like lessons like Science and the teachers".

"That all the teachers are very helpful and if you're stuck they will help you".

"The meals at lunchtime are like proper meals. We get to go to clubs at lunch. I always get to see my friends".

"I like how I have made lots of friends and that I will get a good education at the end of school".

I enjoy being in Skegness Academy becuase if anyone wants anyone to talk to or your really uspet you can go to any trusted adult. And the teachers do anything they possibly can to help you.