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Revision Technique Information

Let’s get set for the examinations!

Most of us worry about examinations. However, with a little planning and some support you can be well-prepared and take them in your stride.

Remember: friends, family and staff are all on your side. We want to help you to prepare.

Read through these pages, ideally with your parents/carers, and take control of the situation.  If you want to talk through how to get started, just speak to your tutor, your Head of Year/Deputy Head of Year or any other member of staff.



Having the right attitude to revision will make a massive difference to how successful you will be.

Expect the best of yourself

Resolve to give yourself the best opportunity you can to reach your target grades by making revision your number one priority. In particular:

  • Attend the Academy regularly and use every lesson as a chance to learn
  • Take up every offer of extra help – the teachers are a resource for you
  • Revise effectively at home
  • Make sure you can revise ‘on the go’

You are going to be tested in examinations, so ensure you know:

  • The subject title and awarding body (examination board) for each course
  • How many examinations you will sit and how long they last
  • What each examination will assess and how

Check you know your target grade and your current grade.

Get a list of all the ideas you need to understand for the examination (in a form which makes sense to you)

You can use this to log onto the awarding body websites and find lots of past papers and answers. This should be a key part of your revision. The awarding bodies are: