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Skegness Academy

Our Academy

I am exceptionally proud to be the Principal of the Skegness Academy. Since I joined the school in September 2023, there has been a significant change in direction, and we have started on our journey to make the Skegness Academy a great school where every student is put on the path to a happy, successful, and fulfilling life.

Not only do we want our students to achieve a good set of GCSE qualifications that enable them to progress to a post-16 course of their choice and ultimately have a career of their choice, but at the same time, acquire the skills necessary to function successfully as a member of society, aspire to achieve all their dreams, and make a positive contribution to society.

Many students, staff, parents, and visitors have been very complimentary about the improvements that we have managed to achieve since September. However, this has only been the start and there is much more to come. 

The Skegness Academy is a school on a journey, but a journey worth making with us, for you and your child.

Mr C Gissendorf