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Skegness Academy


The Arch Bishop of York Youth Trust – Young Leaders Award

This is a new initiative introduced as part of the Enrichment programme for 2014.

The course equips young people with the ability to be a force for good in their local community. This is a national award which positively raises our students’ profile in the local community and encourages learners to develop a mind-set for serving others. Further to this, the award promotes key leadership skills.

The course comprises of 100 guided learning hours (GLH) and contains 10 leadership modules.

As well as supporting leadership across the Academy it also promotes the Social, Moral, Spirital and Cultural agenda.

Literacy and Numeracy Leaders

Further to the Young Leaders Award we offer Literacy and Numeracy leadership training to those individuals who show particular talent and ability within English and Mathematics.  Students are recognised for their ability and achievement in GCSE English and/or Mathematics.

Those students who become Literacy and Numeracy leaders support students in Key Stage 3 and 4 with their English/Mathematics work including exam preparation and revision. They may also attend lessons and Literacy/Numeracy intervention.

Sports Leaders

The Sports Leaders programme is an Academy wide initiative.  Students apply to become leaders through an application process. The Sports Leaders provide support to a variety of sports competitions and events at the Skegness Academy, partner academies in the Trust and local primary schools.

Over the past three years the Sports Leaders have ran and support events for over 10,000 students.

The course carries 30 UCAS points which students can use as part of their University applications.