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Skegness Academy


At the Skegness Academy we believe that drama plays a key role in promoting meaningful and active learning in students by enabling them to use their own experiences, and imagination to explore issues, events, and real-life situations. Drama helps to nurture confidence by enhancing students' interpersonal and leadership skills.

At Key Stage 3, students begin exploring basic drama skills, mime, tableaux, freeze frame and role play. Within each topic pupils will create an end of term performance, performing in a pair or group. They are assessed on their performance, drama skills and evaluation skills.

In Key Stage 4 students access the BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts. Pupils learn acting studying a range of styles, practitioners scripted, genres and text. They a

Drama is also offered as an extra- curricular activity through clubs; pupils can audition for Skegness Academy's annual pantomime and other Drama Showcases throughout the year. Students also can audition for the Talent 1st organisation, a volunteer led drama group which focus on supporting young actors to develop their skills television and film acting skills. This can provide opportunities for students to further their career in acting.