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Skegness Academy


At the Skegness Academy, the curriculum is designed to ensure that all students are able to develop the skills  through structured practice of implementing the knowledge imparted within our ambitious curriculum.

All students at the Skegness Academy have access to a rich, broad and balanced curriculum.  The curriculum is carefully designed to ensure students are equipped with the qualifications, knowledge, experiences and skills to succeed in life and progress onto meaningful employment with training or further education.

Key features of our curriculum include:

  • All students in Years 7 to 11 have 25 lessons a week with each period lasting 60 minutes
  • Reading is modelled by teachers and promoted through tutor time reading, timetabled library lessons, enrichment book clubs and assemblies
  • Broad, ambitious and grounded in the national curriculum – so that all groups of students have access to both academic and vocational programmes of study where challenge, achievement and progress are expected for all.
  • Knowledge rich – so that all students acquire the core knowledge to which they are entitled and the powerful knowledge they need to expand beyond their own experiences.
  • Intelligently planned – sequenced to build long-term knowledge and develop cross-curricula schema, using evidence-based strategies to maximise learning.
  • Culturally rich – broadening horizons and exposing students to the vast wealth of experiences in the wider global society be that the arts, music, sport and extra-curricular pursuits
  • Character building – providing opportunities to develop leadership, team work, aspiration and problem solving skills within the 7 year journey.


Students study the full range of national curriculum subjects consisting of: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, RE, French, Performing Arts, Music, Computing, Textiles, Dance and Food Technology, Art and PE in order to build a strong base of core knowledge.  There is a focus on developing the literacy, numeracy & study skills required for GCSE.  Students also have a 60 minute PHSE lesson which includes our RSE curriculum.


Students typically study 9 subjects in depth: these include GCSE subjects and Vocational subjects. Critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills develop alongside a deepening knowledge base. Our careers curriculum aims to give students the chance to explore their strengths and empower them to make informed choices about future plans in further education, or employment with training.


Students in year 12 and 13 focus on 3 or 4 subjects in great depth and with increasing independence. Students are role models and are encouraged to take on leadership responsibilities within the academy.  We aim for all sixth formers to leave with the skills and attributes necessary for success in higher education or employment with training.

The sixth form enrichment programme or ‘Super Curriculum’ gives students valuable skills and confidence, along with transferable skills, which will help with personal development and future employment or education through programmes such as Health and fitness, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Creative Learning and Cooking.