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Skegness Academy

Opening of the new SKA Library

The newly refurbished SKA Library is now open!

We are delighted to share that the newly refurbished SKA Library is now open and within the first 24 hours an incredible 108 books were borrowed! 

Every student and member of staff at SKA has a Library account, and can borrow resources from the Library. The Library is free for all – it costs nothing to use or borrow from this space.

The Library is open every day during break and lunchtime and during these times, there will always be at least one member of staff on duty to support students to select a suitable book that is also a good read!

We have lots of reading lists, split into ages, topics, genres, and more. Students will also see lots of displays highlighting books we think they'd like.

Book Club takes place every Wednesday lunchtime and is open to all year groups. 

We are really excited to introduce the SKA Book Vending Machine. This vending machine does not accept money; it accepts tokens. Students earn their tokens through positive engagement with reading in lessons.  Teachers will be awarding Reading ClassCharts points which can be made into tokens. Books chosen from the vending machine are the child's to keep.  

In addition to vending machine tokens, students will be rewarded when they reach key milestones:

  • Bronze Owl (100 points): badge, certificate
  • Silver Owl (200 points): badge, certificate
  • Gold Owl (350 points): badge, certificate
  • Millionaire Reader (500 points): badge, certificate

At the end of each half-term, all students who have met one of these milestones during the term will be invited to a Reading Winners Event in the library at lunchtime.